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For over 25 years, we have been providing professional intellectual property services via a strong team of experts in our Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney practice.  We offer a complete range of intellectual property services across a broad range of industries; servicing small local business through to large multinational corporations.

Our Attorneys tailor specific solutions to ensure innovative ideas are protected in the local market and internationally where required.  Our broad range of intellectual property services cover areas such as: Patents and Trade Marks;  Designs/Copyright; Know-How and Confidential Information; Intellectual Property Licensing; Domain Names; Business Names and Corporations; Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights; Anti-Piracy & Anti-Counterfeiting Actions; “Due Diligence” Reports; and Intellectual Property Searching (such as Patent and Trade Mark Searches).

Our dynamic team has the experience and expertise to support you in all of your intellectual property needs, whether it be a single patent or trade mark application through to managing your complete intellectual property portfolio.  Please contact us for further information.

We can help with the protection and enforcement of your intellectual property portfolio on a global scale.

Each time you have a novel device, technical method or system, patent protection should be sought.

A trade mark identifies you and your product or service. When we file for a trade mark we look at the big picture keeping in mind how you want to be identified!

Protect your written, artistic and/or other creative works.

We can help enforce your intellectual property rights in Australia and abroad.  If you feel someone is copying your brand, logo,  product, invention or other creative works, please feel free to contact us for further information on a specific tailored strategy to combat any issue.

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